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PAVA8000 Integrated Voice Alarm PA System

8000 সিস্টেমেনিয়ান ডাগ্রেডডড্রোকস্টিস্টেস্টস্ট্রিমবিদ্গগমকেশন এবং ইসিল্যালিকম function। আইটিসিস fin

Voice Alarm System VS Siren Alarm System

Functions of normal Voice Alarm systems:

● Trigger inputs Contact mode & level mode Trigger zones selectable
● Override speaker output 3-wired trigger speaker output

Advantages of PAVA8000 system:

{\C০৪} iin
● Loop connection Amplifiers, paging microphones
● আলার্মেজোনেসসইটেবলল্লজোনস / রকফিকনস
● Group management All/specific/short-cut keys
● Scheduler function Support scheduler/timer function
● Critical component detection Amplifier module, SD card, spare amplifier

Key point of PAVA8000 system:

Amplifiers and microphones
লাল্ডজেইন রাভিডিও
More stable and reliable
Support POE power (microphones)

System Diagram:

System Diagram

System Diagram

16 Zones Solution

16 Zones Solution

Applications of PAVA8000 Integrated Voice Alarm PA System
PAVA8500 Voice Alarm Mixer Amplifiম্যার
PAVA8500 Voice Alarm Mixer Amplifier
PAVA8500 Voice Alarm Mixer Amplifier

Ppava8 রো 090Wall-mount Fireman Microphone

PAVA8009 Wall-mount Fireman Microphone

কহা পণ্য

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